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Thank you for visiting LumaLife Therapy Wellness & Spa! Allow our staff to help you life a BRIGHTER Life Today! At LumaLife, we offer a variety of Massages, ORGANIC SPRAY TAN (NEW!), Body Scrubs, Body Wraps, Massage Facials and More! Our private treatment sessions are custom designed to benefit and grow each  client. Our attention to detail with an extra amount of passion for what we bring to each client is what sets us apart from everyone else. We offer a peaceful and rejuvenating experience to each client based on their needs that day. Our ultimate goal is to give each client a healing experience leaving them speechless and eager to book their next session. Offering over 10 different types of Massage and life altering Health Coaching Sessions, LumaLife is designed to bring you healing, peace, and growth.  In addition to our fabulous bodywork, we offer Healing Health Coaching Sessions.


At LumaLife Therapy we strive to bring calming and relaxation to the mind of each client. Training the mind to disconnect from the daily stresses of life is essential in finding that centered point in your world that you so desperately long for. Book a Healing Health Coaching Session today.


With over 850 muscles in our body constantly being worked and pulled in 100 different directions all day long, it is our goal to help our clients slow down and allow the professionals to take over and manipulate the muscles back to thier natural state.


Each client longs for something with meaning and power in their life. Their is a Spirit that longs to live and thrive in each of us. The Energy and Healing works done at LumaLife for each client can not be explained...only experienced. Book a Healing Health Coaching Session today.