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  • Where did massage therapy originate?

    Where did massage therapy originate

    Did you know that massage therapy originated in ancient Egypt? You may be curious as to which country was the first to practice it. Amongst the many theories that could explain the emergence of massage therapy are Chinese, Swedish, Ayurvedic, and others. Let’s take a look at these origins and how they have shaped massage […]

  • What is Asian massage therapy?

    What is Asian massage therapy

    There are several distinct types of Asian massage. Learn more about Chinese massage, Japanese shiatsu, Thai massage, and Amma massage therapy. Asian massage therapy has many similarities to western massage therapy. It combines gentle finger pressure on specific acu-points with verbal Body Focusing techniques to help the client achieve their wellness goals. In fact, this […]

  • How to get a massage therapy license?

    How to get a massage therapy license

    If you want to pursue a career in massage therapy, you will have to obtain a license. You may be wondering how to get a massage therapy license. Listed below are some of the steps to take: Exam or endorsement, Minimum education, Cost, and Continuing education requirements. There are also a variety of other factors […]

  • What are hydro massage beds?

    What are hydro massage beds

    If you haven’t heard of a hydro massage bed, you may be wondering what it is. Hydromassage is a dry massage that uses water pressure to provide a full body massage. Hydrotherapy beds can be found in most gyms and large shopping centers. Although they may seem luxurious, you should remember that these devices are […]

  • What is the best adjustable massage bed?

    What is the best adjustable massage bed

    The base of this bed is exceptionally quiet and allows you to get a full body massage. There are multiple massage modes that vary in intensity and target area. The bed has a wireless remote to control all functions. USB ports are also included on each side of the bed. There are many benefits of […]